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North Star Business Consulting, LLC has extensive experience in Business Process Design and Process Re-engineering.  A facilitated approach is used to expose the ‘hidden process factories’ in your organization that historically drive up operational cost as much as 10-15% caused by work flow inefficiencies. 



By understanding current work flow (The ‘As Is’) we then apply Six Sigma design principles to either improve the existing process or design new processes (The ‘To Be’).

This is accomplished by defining the process specifications that will govern both the effectiveness and efficiencies of the ‘To Be’ processes.

Organization goals and objectives


Process performance expectations


Work flow

Platforms and technologies to support the process

Data sources

Operational and financial control requirements


Integration points (hand-offs) with other work processes

Historically, there has been a tendency to ‘over automate’ a process.  Our methodology helps the customer understand which processes will benefit from more automation.  This is accomplished by understanding industry best practices, impact to the customers, and internal quality requirements.

We use a framework grounded on eight design principles which are generally accepted as the industry standard:

  1. Interactions with customers

  2. Build on activities which add value either to the company or the customer, and eliminate activities which erode value.

  3. Minimize workflow handoffs and automate redundant critical work processes which are prone to human error.

  4. Don’t automate where the cost exceeds the value delivered. Determine performance tolerances and implement measurements to monitor.

  5. Leverage interconnected processes where possible to streamline workflow.

  6. Define business rules to support each process to ensure consistency in execution.

  7. Ensure that internal and external compliance requirements are designed into the processes.

  8. Continuous measurement of critical work processes will indicate if the process is operating as designed.


Business Processes are very dynamic and will change based on customer requirements, company growth, and legal and regulatory requirements.   


Continuous monitoring and improvement of the work processes will ensure that desired performance targets are achieved.

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