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North Star Business Consulting, LLC has partnered with Greater Giving to provide consulting and event support to Non-Profits and schools in Central and Northern Michigan. 

The Greater Giving integrated software solution streamlines and simplifies the planning, logistics, and data management necessary to execute a successful fundraiser. This cloud based package provides real time information and reports and significantly reduces the time required to manage the ‘back office’ fundraising activities.

Whatever cause is your passion — Greater Giving solutions can help you be more effective in your fundraising efforts.

For a product demonstration and free consultation contact North Star Business Consulting.

Greater Giving™ is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with satellite office across the U.S.  Our solutions are designed exclusively for nonprofits and schools— enabling them to raise more funds with mobile bidding, online registration and donations, event management software, payment processing and peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Visit or call 800-276-5992 to find out more!



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