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Studies have shown that two-thirds of all information technology projects fail due to poor project organization and governance.  North Star Business Consulting, LLC, has extensive experience in the design, implementation, and execution of project organization structures and the essential governance model required to support the project organization.

A robust governance model is critical to ensure that the project delivers on the results expected by management.  It ensures speed and predictability of the deliverables, provides clarity of direction to the project team and enables flexibility to adapt to changes.  For large projects which require many months to complete, leadership turnover can lead to significant disruption which is mitigated by the governance model.



A facilitated approach begins with designing the project organization structure necessary to support the scope and deliverables of the project.  Critical elements driving the structure include:

Project complexity and scope

Organization culture

Accountability and delegated decision authority

Human change Impact to the organization

Project timeline and budget

Project resources requirements

Customer impact/disruption

A governance model is then constructed to support the goals and objectives of the project and the project organization structure.

Key factors addressed in the governance design are:

Management of scope


Schedule slippage


Re-work and re-design


Issue and Risk management


Resource management


Budget management

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